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Eric Rakofsky


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high-intensity training, no gym needed

Stay fit & healthy from home with Eric Rakofsky’s personalized digital training.

You don’t need the gym to stay physically and mentally strong. Work digitally with famed personal trainer Coach Eric to build up the strength, agility, and positive mindset it takes to stay on top of your health and wellness goals.

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Working out from home while you work from home? Train digitally using whatever equipment you have access to and stay connected on social media while keeping your social distance.

$59/Mo Gets you:

☑ One-on-one digital access to an elite personal trainer
☑ 4 at-home strength and bodyweight workouts per week

☑ Weekly performance test included
☑ Weekly video messages & check-ins with Coach Eric
☑ Exercises can be tailored to your individual fitness level

pursue your personal best, no gym needed.

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